Vieira “wants to stay, but unhappy with Hill Wood’s comments”

Arsenal midfielder Patrick Vieira feels he does not get the respect he deserves from club chairman Peter Hill-Wood. Vieira is not happy about comments attributed to Hill-Wood concerning the money the Frenchman earns at Highbury.

“Hill-Wood continues to make comments which I am not happy about at all,” Vieira told the Daily Mirror. “He said that if I wasn’t content with the money I was earning then I could leave. But he always seems to wait until I am out of the country playing for France before saying anything. It is a total lack of respect and I really do not appreciate it.”

Vieira has made it clear he wants to stay at Arsenal but would leave if the club decided to cash in on one of their biggest assets.

“If Arsenal come and say to me `Madrid want you and they are going to give us the money we need’ I am going to go. I know Madrid wanted me and you have to think about it when a club like that comes for you. If Arsenal tell me they are ready to let me go then something is broken between me and the club which means I will go. It would hurt me to accept it – although I would go where I wanted to, not where they told me to go. But the club know I want to stay and I know they want me to stay, which seems a good start. It could take us just two meetings to sort it out. Arsenal and I have talked three times and with the FA Cup final, my work in Senegal and the boss’s holiday, that will take us until after pre-season training before we can start to talk about a new contract again. I am in a good position, contract-wise. I don’t see myself playing for any team other than Arsenal, especially when I am playing at Highbury and you hear the crowd singing my song. However, I work in the real world of football. If you ask me can I see myself playing for Manchester United, I would say `no chance’. But you never know. Sol Campbell came to us from Tottenham and we live in a life where things like that happen.”

Vieira is ambitious, with the Champions League title at the top of his wish list, and will made sure Arsenal’s directors share his ambitions before signing a new deal.

“I am going to ask them about the next four or five years. If I want to be part of it, I need to know what is going on,” he said.

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